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Applied Kinesiology

Kerry's take on applied Kinesiology!

Kerry believes as the name implies in Whole Body Health. We are not just physical beings. We are spirit, soul and body. Problems in any one of these areas will eventually result in disease. We cannot ignore any one area and expect to obtain vibrant health for any length of time.

Kerry uses Kinesiology or muscle testing to determine disease and the herbal products needed to restore health. When I do a health consultation this is the method I will use.



Muscle testing is based on the fact that your brain knows everything about your body ( many things you may not be aware of). By calling attention to a weak organ your brain will temporarily weaken your muscles. Likewise your body also knows what it needs to get well. I use the muscle testing to determine the herbal products and the amount needed bring about healing.

Kinesiology can be done different ways. One popular way is to have you hold your arm straight  out from the side of your body. I will then try to push your arm down as you resist as I make a statement about your body. If the statement I make is not true about your body you will not be able resist and your arm will be pushed down easily. If the statement is true your arm will remain strong and able to resist.  

When I do a complete health analysis in my office or remote consultations the above method would wear us both out and in the case of a remote consultation you are not here. In this case I use my own fingers. Please refer to information on remote consultations.



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